Engagement rings, wedding bands and jewellery.

Engagement rings, wedding bands and jewellery for the wedding.

Choosing an engagement ring and wedding band is for most of us an important part of the preparations for the wedding, and is an important occation. In addition to symbolizing the love promise, the rings will remind you of your partner and everything you share every single day.

When choosing rings, it is important to remember that the rings must be of a quality intended for daily use. Also, when choosing other jewelry for the wedding day, it is wise to choose something that you can use for a long time to come. Our jewelry is made in 18 karat yellow, white or rose gold, or the whitest of all metals – platinum. With or without diamonds, it’s up to you!

Engagement ring and weddig band


The unique thing about the engagement ring, is that you choose it for your partner without him or her knowing it. Many prefer a classic ring in gold or platinum with one round cut diamond, but we also find it has become more common with untraditional cuts and diamond colors that make the ring more personal. We have a selection of beautiful models in the store, but you can also choose to make a ring of your choice together with our excellent designer and our goldsmiths. Please make sure there is enough time, you should start the process about three months in advance to get the perfect ring – good craftsmanship takes time.


Traditionally, wedding bands were made in yellow gold without gemstones, but gradually it has become more common to make the ring more personal with different colors and diamonds. It is important to keep in mind that you will wear the ring every single day, and that it should fit your style. You should also consider whether you will use it alone, or next to another ring. Narrow rings provide more room for two or more rings together. Also, remember that diamonds must be set in a way so that the ring can withstand daily use.


Most women wear earrings on their wedding day, and many also choose a beautiful necklace and bracelet. Men typically choose a pair of beautiful cufflinks. The wedding is also a perfect opportunity to invest in classic diamond jewelry that you can use for the rest of your life, such as diamond earrings or a classic bracelet.


Morning gifts

Giving each other a morning gift the day after the wedding is a nice tradition. A perfect morning gift for her can be diamond earrings or a diamond pendant, while for him, cufflinks can be a good choice.